Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Walden Cooper - Finished!

The Cooper bag from Colette Patterns is finished and I'm absolutely in love with it!.  This was a fantastic and very easy bag to make.  The instructions were clear and the sew along on Coletterie helped with any questions I might have had.  I've made bags in the past but they usually ended up stuffed in some box that went to goodwill.  I never ended up using them.  This one, I think,  will be different.

The pattern has three options - messenger bag, satchel, or backpack.  I made the backpack. I used tan and navy duck  - although for the life of me, I don't know why it looks like denim in the pictures.  I'd never worked with either before and it wasn't too bad.  It was a little thick in places but I used a denim needle and didn't have any problems.  It sewed up like a dream.  Here are a few more pictures...

The pocket in the front of the bag....

I decided to use this fabric for the inside.  It made far more sense than the other, frilly, fabric.

Here are a few details....

I am so pleased with the way this turned out and I'm excited to use it.  This pattern gives instructions for a very well-made bag.

So tell me, have you made the Cooper or other bag? What were your thoughts on it?  Were you able to use it? Or did it turn out to be a wadder bag?

Next up, a table runner....


  1. your cooper bag looks great.. I haven't made one..

    1. Thanks. It was really easy. I was looking on the Colette Patterns flickr pictures and some people really got creative with it.


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