Friday, January 17, 2014

February Burda - POCKET MANIA! (photo heavy)

Hi Friends,

I just got the new Burda Style Magazine in the mail yesterday and I'm happy to report that there are patterns in this mag that I will actually sew.  Huzzah!!  Usually, most of the patterns are geared for younger/skinnier women and won't do well on a seasoned figure.  Granted, I can do some of the plus size patterns which are a little more forgiving but I've yet to see anything in the magazines that I've fallen in love with enough to sew. This one is different.  The best part of all is that many of the patterns have POCKETS - an absolute mainstay in my wardrobe.

This magazine is one that I try every now and then for a few months and I mostly like the patterns but as I said, most of them are for younger women and I really don't want to look like I'm trying too hard to remain youthful.  Been there, done that, you know?

So, here are my choices. You'll have to forgive my pictures.  I couldn't find these on the website.


I like this one - a jacquard blazer and skirt but I don't think I can really wear a blazer with pockets like that any longer.  It will add too much bulk to my mid-section but sans the pockets, I think it could work. Perhaps this is the pattern that I should try the new skill of the weft pocket. The skirt is a simple pencil skirt.

This next one I think I can definitely wear.  The boat neck top still looks good on me and the pleated skirt will go a long way.  I plan on adding in-seam pockets.  I think that will be a mainstay in my wardrobe from now on  - nothing without pockets!

This next one is a dress that I absolutely love and would look great on me.  Lower the waist line (because my waist is a mile long) and I think this will make a great spring/summer dress.  Again, in-seam pockets.

I really love the top on this page but I would definitely have to pull out the Spanx for it, heh.  It wouldn't be very forgiving if I didn't.  The skirt is gorgeous, too.  I love the front pleat.  Sadly, I'm not sure that I can finagle pockets in that skirt.

I'm not crazy about the top in this one (do I really need that extra fabric draping in front, looking like fat that dangles from my upper arms??)  but the pants are a definite YES!   I'm always in the market for pants, being my preferred article to wear.  These are just skinny jeans without being too skinny.

I posted this picture because of the pants.  Are we back in the 80s??  These are very reminiscent of that era.  In fact, I believe I had a similar pair when I was all of 125 lbs.  They looked great on me then.  Not so much, now.  But, they have pockets!  hehehe.

Another simple boat neck top.  I love it.


I really like this dress but I don't think they modeled it very well.  Just look at the line drawing of the dress.  It's scrumptious!  Complete with pockets!

A skirt with pockets.  Nirvana approaches!

Love the simple top.  Love the skirt with pockets and those little buttons on the side...

A long sleeve version of the top and the jeans/pants with pockets all around.  I love the gray color.  Heavenly!

Yes, yes, I'm sewing the Albion but that will be for my husband.  I think this one may be for me.  Simple and elegant.

Well, that's it on February Burda Style for me.  It will probably take me the rest of the year to make it all. Seems I have my sewing year all filled up what with Gertie's Bombshell dress, the Albion sew along and the Project Sewn.  But, more on that later.
Have fun sewing!

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  1. Some cute patterns.. Look forward to seeing what you make. Happy sewing.


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